It’s about really loosing your iPhone

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Screenshot: Gizmodo/Apple – With Apple’s announcement of iOS 15, the development of your phone as a do-all device has edged forward this week. And while some of these new characteristics seem handy, the effects on the real world can create a hurt world.

The most worrying thing about this is the growing abilities that are becoming a little too useful with Apple’s Wallet application. In addition to uploading your debit and credit cards into Wallet, iOS 15 enhances your ability to use wallet as your car key by supplying utra-wideband tech (excluding NFC), allows you to open smart locks for your home compatible with the utra-wideband and other government IDs.

In short, you will use your house key and your car key, driver’s license, credit card and phone to use all the features that Wallet offers in IOS 15. No keys or wallet needed to be carried. Just take your phone and sunglasses and you’re good at it. Sounds awesome. Okay? Until you lose your phone or phone, and all else is stolen.

The clever thing about this is, of course, to just use your iPhone for all the things that it can replace now. Lose your wallet? Lose your wallet? This is a pain, but with Wallet you can still pay for things. Lose your phone? Loose your phone? That sucks—but luckily you have your wallet with you so that you still get something to pay for. But many people wouldn’t use this as a backup, I would bet. Instead, at least some people will upload their Wallet app every day and leave the rest at home with all the important craps they ride around. And as a result, in a moment of serious misplacement, some of those people will lose the equivalent of their clicks, wallet and driver’s licence.

Don’t you think it probably is so big a problem? Let us remember that Apple has created a whole network—Find My—to support people in recovering the costly crap they continue to lose. In fact, Apple has just added AirPods to iOS 15. People lose things and every time phones are stolen.

Naturally, if you have an Apple Watch which is probably harder to lose because it’s tightly tied to your body, this isn’t a problem because you can use Find My iPhone on your watch. (But it doesn’t mean that you can really get your device because you can find it.) There can be no great deal if you can go to a computer, log in and use Find My from your Apple account. Or if you are with another person who can find your lost phone using them. But there are many ifs.

An equally credible scenario: you can’t find your telephone and have no access to anyone or anything that could help you find it easily. You cannot call anybody on your behalf who can use Find My. You can’t drive anywhere, because your key and driver’s license are on your phone. And because your wallet is on your phone, you can’t buy anything.

Yes, I am aware that, as a result of the prevalence of regular car keys, door locks and wallets, Wallet is obviously a small subset of the iPhone customer because many people cannot have the option of complete replacement, if not most. But Wallet’s increasing usefulness seems to shed light on the way we go, where our telephones make your lives more comfortable until they are a nightmare.