How can you block your exes and your coworkers on Tinder

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Photo: Alex Ruhl (Shutterstock) – Meeting people on dating apps could be fun, but most people want to see a face from the past while swiping. Thank you for the new blocked contacts list of the app, to avoid your ex—or anyone else you won’t want to see on Tinder.

Two ways blocking someone on Tinder are available: Block contacts stored in the contacts of your phone or include your blocked list with their telephone number, email address.

You can add people to the blocked Tinder list, even if they have no Tinder account, and when they block them, they are not notified. They just won’t see you on the app, and you won’t see it—if they don’t have the phone or email address you have blocked from. you don’t.

How to block your phone contacts

The fastest way to block someone on Tinder is to add your phone’s contact details.

  • In the application, open your Tinder profile.
  • Tap Settings, scroll down, then select “Block Contacts“.
  • Give Tinder access, when requested, to your contacts.
  • To add contacts to the list, select your phone’s saved contacts, then type “Block Contacts.”

Note that Tinder has access to the contact details of your phone (Tinder explains how it uses this data in its privacy policy). However, without deleting a blocked list you can disconnect your contacts anytime.

  • Go to Settings > Block Contacts.
  • Tap the top right icon of the menu.
  • Choose “Discconect Contact List.”

Again, you will not erase blocked contacts by disconnecting your phone contacts. “For privacy we will keep the contacts blocked until you tell us that they are unblocked,” says Tinder’s support page.

You may delete someone by going to Settings > Contact Blocks > Blocked, and then you select the name and tap “unblock” or tap on “unblock” to remove all blocked contacts.

How to block names, telephone and email?

You can also block someone on Tinder by adding your blocked list to your Tinder manually with their phone numbers or email addresses. Even if they are not saved on their phone, this blocks the person and can be achieved without sharing your Tinder contacts.

  • Open the profile page of your Tinder.
  • Go to Settings > Block Contacts
  • To build a blocked contact, tap “+.”
  • Type “Done” to add them to your blocked list and complete your contact information.