Honor 50 will be shown as hype mounts for launch on Twitter

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techno.rentetan.com – The next Honor phone should be noted because Huawei could fill the gap when it was added to the Entity List so that it could not trade with companies based in the United States.

Honor has been divided into a different business and has confirmed before that it faces no such constraints. In this new world it is a different beast, even if some of the design looks the same. Under the old regime, we’d expect the Honour 50.

Thanks to official tweaking by Honor on Twitter, we have now had a better look at that design as well. This is the detail that has been missing for a while, and that is what those enormous openings on the rear of the phone have to do.

There is one main glass on top, while there are three lenses and the LED flash on the second round. That’s what many except – but the main camera is really a showcase for excitement – and the lens looks enormous.

The company boasts that according to the details on the image it is a 100 megapixel main camera, while the 100W charging will also be packed in.

Qualcomm had previously confirmed the Honor 50, and that Google services would be integrated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G.

This makes the Honor 50 more than just another device. If you cast away the former EMUI shadow in it, this latest device will probably have a great deal more appeal.

The launch is scheduled for 16 June, when we will see much more from Honor.