I’m looking forward to this 64 Smartwatch custom commodore, which allows you to code in Basic right on your wrist

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techno.rentetan.com – I suppose that there was very little that I couldn’t do with my Apple Watch because it had its own well-stocked app store, but with this delightful Commodore 64 theme C64 Watch Nick Bild has shown me my way error that not just has the retro-inspired look, but also the BASIC interpreter for coding on the go.

Image’s C64 Watch is as polished as many sophisticated smartwatches on the market today, but that is because they started with the Lilygo TTGO T-Watch 2020 instead of starting at scratch and building all their hardware components themselves: an affordable but capable wearable watch, for about $45 you could buy at Tindie. After one year, Bild realized that the watch was mostly unused because of the lack of attractive software, so that they took the opportunity to wear it perfectly and the C64 Watch was born.

A custom watch facial imitates the classical home screen of the Commodore 64, with a matching pixelated font displaying the time in large letters. The C64 Watch also features an integrated BASIC interpreter: TinyBasic Plus modified version. It is basically but in more ways than one. Coding can be carried out directly on the watch with its incredibly small screen keyboard, but it’s a horrible experience according to Bild. The watch can be connected to a computer via a USB sync cable, as shown in the above video, so that its BASIC interpreter can be used with a good complete keyboard.

Im has provided all the source files for its GitHub C64 Watch, but you will need to supply yourself with the watch hardware. It’s probably only going to attract die-hard fans that grew up or cut their teeth on the vintage computer. But Bild plans to add more features, including the addition of an emulator to play C64 games on the watch and making it interface via wireless internet so that the USB synchronization cable can be discharged.