Try to maintain iOS 14.6 with your battery draining

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Photo: Jack Skeens (Shutterstock) – The update of iOS 14.6 has introduced new features such as voice commands to unlock your iPhone and new Apple Pay for family groups. It seems to ruin the battery performance of your iPhone as well.

In the days after iOs are 14.6, masses of iPhone owners report abysmal battery life suddenly and even overheating. The problem is widespread, based upon the numerous posts in the support forums of Apple, Reddit, and in the social media.

Apple did not reveal the cause at the time of the writing nor did it indicate that a patch was being taken, but you can try a few workarounds between now and then.

Too much battery delete apps

Screenshot: Apple Support

According to ZDNet reports, some users notice that Apple Podcast and Apple Music apps use far more system resources than normal. It’s not, however, a universal solution. Some users do not have apps installed, which means the problem originates elsewhere on the OS. The apps only work well for others.

You can check if you are using extra power under Settings > Battery to check Apple Podcasts or Apple Music or any other app. All applications and the battery life used on your device are listed in the menu. If someone is taking too much of the juice on your iPhone, remove it and see if this fixes the problem – but it doesn’t work for everyone again.

Change your self-highness configuration

Screenshot: Apple Support

The auto-hightness setting restores normal battery usage is claimed by other users. It does not appear to work for everyone, as it does with the Podcast app solution—it actually appears to be less efficient—and many people say they already have auto-highlights and are still experiencing the problems.

It’s worth a shot, however. Settings > Accessibility > Display & Brightness are the auto-brightness setting.

Hope for something else

It is possible, but they are the best we can do until Apple — or one of the many users who research the issue— makes this one crack and a patch is issued. If you found a way to stop the battery drive bug of the iOS 14.6, please fill in a comment. In this case,