App of AppGallery Month: Empire: Four Kingdoms

by - – We look at the best new apps from Huawei’s AppGallery every month, providing you with all your Huawei apps you will ever need. There are over 540 million active users available in more than 170 countries.

This time we look at the classical strategy Empire: Four Kingdoms. Empire: four Kingdoms, with more than 220 millions registered users, are part of the exceptionally successful Empire Family.

New players will receive an extremely good starting package to mark the launch of the game at AppGallery. They will receive a unique décor, castle protection troops, and a large number of gold coins for their castle. New players will also receive coupons to purchase more content at lower prices.

It will be available until April 2023 for 24 months. It is available all over the world.

Goodgame Studios, the developer of free-to-play games, manufactures the app. The Studio of Hamburg also worked with Microsoft in producing Big Farm: Mobile Harvest in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store – the Huawei AppGallery is now also available. Working with Huawei in Goodgame Studios is another milestone for the developer.

In 2020, the overall download of AppGallery was 384.4 billion, while Huawei has worked with a total of 2,3 million developers worldwide..

“We are delighted to be partnering with a big player like Huawei in the high-tech sector. This cooperation allows us to achieve a perfect symbiosis with the Huawei AppGallery platform.” Patrick Abrar, Goodgame Studios Chief Business Officer, said.

“Huawei AppGallery enables us to expand our Empire:Four Kingdoms distribution and provide the game to a growing audience. Our game is a classic strategy and the owners of an intelligent Huawei device can enjoy countless hours of fun and fun.” The development studio’s head, Benjamin Völkel.

How to receive Empire gift content: Four Kingdoms

  1. Empire Download: Huawei Appgallery Four Kingdoms
  2. Start the application and progress to level 6 in the early game
  3. A gift content pop up is shown at level 6
  4. Ask the content of the gift by using the bottom of the pop-up button
  5. The content will be submitted to the inventory of the players (troops and coins will be added to the related resources)