Why should you immediately cancel your free trials after you sign up?

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Image: Pheelings media (Shutterstock)

techno.rentetan.com – Although you are always interested in a free test of an app, you don’t really want to be locked in to pay for it? If you are intelligent, you will take our advice and set a timetable for cancelation shortly before the trial period expires. However, there’s an even more clever hack.

After you poked the app, I don’t mean that you decide if you like it. Immediately, I mean. Both iOS and Android app stores have a policy that allows you to access your payments until your term expires. So you still have to subscribe until the end of the month, if you paid for something earlier every month and then cancel it in the middle of the month.

Free trials (usually) work the same way, but this happened only recently when I had a three-day free trial app installed. You must cancel 24 hours before the trial is over and usually I have a schedule to recall a few days in advance. When I had my galaxy brain moment, I was trying to figure out when I should make that reminder: what if I cancel it now?

Naturally, it worked, and the rest is history. According to Apple, if you cancel a free trial early on, you “may” lose access while you cancele, paid subscriptions last until your next payment is due Android tells users to remain in the accessible position until the end of the trial period when they cancel a free trial.

This instant-cancel hack is worthy of trying for other free trials, in addition to only apps. If you wonder how many subscriptions you pay to have cancelled, here are the instructions for checking and mass-cancelation of your iOS apps. (A list of subscriptions in the Play store is available on Android.) And watch for these Red flags next time to refrain from trying out a fraudulent subscription.