Nvidia Shield TV Devices has an Apple TV app

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Photo: Alex Cranz

techno.rentetan.com – Following the agreement made by Google and Apple with Apple’s Android TV app late last year, Nvidia added support to its Shield TV devices this week for Apple TV.

Apple TV previously had become one of the latest major non-Google TV/Android TV streaming services. However, Google and Apple finally managed to reach terms that would bring an Apple TV app to Android TV’s, first with Chromecast with Google TV and which was supported for Apple TV earlier this year with more devices coming throughout 2021 as announced in a blog post back in December 2020.

It’s nice to see Nvidia add Apple TV support to his family of Shield TVs, as one of Android TV’s most popular streaming boxes, and with Nvidia’s strong historical history of software updates over several generations on Shield TV, it’s hardly surprising that Shield TVs are among the first third-party Android TV devices to get Apple TV.

Nvidia says that, thanks to Dolby Vision along with immersive sound via Dolby Atmos, Apple TV app on Shield TV will supply streaming content in 4K HDR (wherever available). Nvidia will also support Apple TV customer networks to allow users to access video on request content from partners likeAMC+, Paramount+, Starz and more, while Family Sharing support enables users of Shield TV to share their subscriptions on Apple TV with a maximum of 6 persons.

And although Android TV devices are not supported for Siri, users can use Google Assistant to browse and find shows by voice.

Finally, to help sweeten up the deal for those thinking of buying Shield TV, Nvidia is also offering a time-consuming promotion, which will grant anyone buking a Shield TV a free three month subscription to the GeForce Now service, which is the Nvidia online game streaming service.