How to find the best Microsoft Edge Online Prices

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Image : Microsoft – Microsoft’s Edge browser has become one of Google’s major competitors, providing users with similar navigation experience (mostly) outside the tracking and advertising infrastructure of Google, and with lower resource requirements. One of Chrome’s long-standing benefits, however, is its built-in Google Shopping tools on desktop and mobile devices that help you shop online at the lowest price – but with the launch of the update to Edge Chromium version 91, Microsoft steadily wraps the gap. Two new shopping features for desktop users are added: a built-in price tracker and integration of Bing Rebates.

Whilst there are many third-party add-ons for Edge, the browser of Microsoft can now natively show you the price history of the product while shopping online. To access this page, open a product page on an online retailer, and then, at the end of the URL bar, click on the blue pricing icon. This opens the Edge pricing tracker, which shows how much the item has been sold in the past and compares the current price. You can also see the cost of the item on other websites by pressing “Compare with other retailers.”

The menu will also alert you whether there are online coupons or other discount codes available or if you are eligible for the Bing reimbursement program, which will reward you with money when you shop from the shopping tab or from select online stores. In order to take advantage of the program you must log in and activate Bing rebates, and sign in to Edge using a Microsoft account.

The Edge 91 update provides new online shopping features, including a Sleep tabs feature which increases memory efficiency by up to 82percent, new browser theme colors, and a revised New Tab page which contains enhanced personalised content recommendations. Click here for more information. To download the update or grab a refresh install from the download page of Microsoft, go to Settings > About Microsoft Edge.