iPhone Emergency SOS: How to configure and enable it

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techno.rentetan.com – There are so many software features integrated into the iPhone, some are simple enough to find, some are a bit hidden but they’re also good for safety and not only very useful.

If you set up the Emergency SOS on an iPhone it doesn’t just provide you with the quick option of calling emergency services in the event of a problem.

There are several possibilities for Emergency SOS on iPhone to set up and activate. All of these have been passed through to ensure that your iPhone is ready to assist you if you ever feel uncertain or need to contact emergency services as much as possible.

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Five times quickly press the side/home button

The capability of pressing the side button or home button five times in succession on your unit for calling emergency services is one of the features in an emergency SOS configuration on iPhone.

Open Settings > Emergency SOS > Side Button toggle on Call.

When you five times press the sidebutton or homebutton, a loud siren sounds and three counts start. The countdown sound can however be turned off. Open Settings > Emergency SOS > Off Countdown Sound toggle.

Press and hold down side/home and up or down volume

Pressing the sidebutton on your iPhone and holding it up or down will bring another screen on your iPhone.

Slide down to power off, Medical ID Slide and Emergency SOS Slide are the options on this screen.

If you slide into the emergency SOS section, this also calls an emergency service, but if you had trouble with five times pressing the home or sidebutton, it would be a bit harder to do this as shown above. The ability to use the slide option mentioned in this section is also not disabled by logging on.

How to establish and edit iPhone emergency contacts

In the Apple Health app you can add emergency contacts. These will be sent to your last known place when you call emergency services using Emergency SOS.

To establish contacts in an emergency: Open settings > Emergency SOS > Edit health emergency contacts. This then starts the Health app and follows steps 4-9 below.

You can, otherwise,:

  • Open the app for health
  • In the top right corner, tick your profile
  • Medical ID Tap
  • Click “Edit” in the right corner above.
  • Tap on ‘Add Contact Emergency’
  • Select the contact
  • Choose the number if more than one is available
  • Choose your connection with you
  • In the top right corner, tap ‘Done’

You will see the emergency contact list that you are sending a message, and your location if you open Settings > Emergency SOS.

How to establish your iPhone medical ID

You have to set your medical identity on the iPhone and set up emergency SOS and contacts simultaneously.

If you are in accident, for example, the doctors need to know about allergies or any medical conditions you have can set it up to enable anybody to access your iPhone Lock Screen Medical ID.

Open the app for health > Tap the top right corner of your profile > Medical ID Tap > Tap Edit at the right top > Complete any terms and make notices > Displaying Toggle > tap ‘Full’ when locked.

Your medical identification will also be available if your iPhone is locked.