Intel Beefs Up 11th-Gen Laptop Processors for Better Graphics

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Intel’s new Core i7-1195G7 and Core i5-1155G7 chips will feature integrated Iris Xe graphics.
Image: Intel – As part of this year’s Computex virtual show, Intel has unveiled new adds to its 11th-gene mobile processor lineup. The processors are based on the Evo platform of Intel and feature Iris Xe graphics and WiFi 6 integrated. A 5G modem was also announced on future Windows machines for connectivity.

The new chips Core i7-1195G7 and Core i5-1155G7 form part of the Intel U processor family with up to 5GHz speeds. Intel claims that processors perform better than competition than up to 25%. Intel, in particular, competes with the processors of AMD’s Ryzen, which are more prevalent on Windows machines recently. Intel also offers laptop manufacturers the ability to optimize their new processors “up to 8 times faster transcoding and double the video editing speed.” The details are as follows:

  • Core i7-1195G7: 4-core / 8-thread, 2.9GHz base clock (max 5.0GHzen turbo boost for 1-2 cores, 4.6GHz for all cores), up to 3200Hz memory support for DDR4
  • Core i5-1155G7: 4-core/8-thread, 2.5 GHz base clock (max 4.5GHz turbo boost on 1-2 cores, 4.3 GHz for all cores).

The new processors Core i5 and i7 include Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity compatibility so that you can finally use the new mesh router. They come with the graphic chip Intel’s Iris Xe that allows casual PC players to play some of the best the back catalog has to offer. The Iris Xe is mainly a GPU designed for the current processor generation. We have seen an 11th-genre CPU with integrated graphics and Iris Xe managed amazing frame rates across the previous line-up of integrated graphics, with low resolution capabilities for some of the latest games.

But most importantly, the Xe integrated GPU is a huge jump on current Intel UHD Graphics 630, which averages 17 fps and still represents a major jump over Intel’s i7-1065G7 Iris Plus Graphics 25 W, averaging 33 fps. The Xe is not 1080p at 60 fps, but it’s impressive to have the same framerate with higher resolutions than the previous Iris graphics. This is a built-in GPU! This is not something you should pay the premium on game laptops, for example Nvidia discreet graphics. This is the type of chip you’ll find on your typical $1,000 Dell or HP laptop and it makes gambling a real possibility, although with lower visual quality.

Intel said that over 60 devices based on the new Intel Core i5 and i7 will be available during the holidays. This includes Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and MSI machines with the first new batch on sale this summer.

Intel’s other major advertising is the Intel 5G Solution 5000, a 5G modem for laptops. The modem is already certified as 5G carrier worldwide by Intel and China Mobile, MediaTek, DoCoMo and HP partly through their co-operation. By 2022, Acer, ASUS and HP were among the first manufacturers to provide 5G modems. The company was also expected to supply more than 30 machines by 2022.

With 5G’s promises of wireless speeds that are similar to what you would get in a wired environment, the fact that an integrated modem is made a sales point for laptops becomes interesting as the specification becomes more available. Imagine a line-up of flagship laptops which can quickly render and upload high-resolution video while you’re on-the-spot.