Fitness Band Models to introduce snoring detection to your smart watch

by - – In a moment, Fitbit can implement a new function called “Snore & Noise Detect,’ to detect snoring and noise. The move will probably help the snoring population’s spouses and partners.

The Verge quoted a 9to5Google report decompiling the latest Fitbit app version in the Google Play Store. The feature enables a Fitbit microphone to listen to “ambient noise and potential snoring” in devices that have one after a person has fallen asleep.

The novel feature is not just an important drain on the battery of the device, as the release notes state, the idea of a tracked sleep noise monitoring device is rather grudging.

The “Snore & Noise Detect” monitoring of “noise, including snores from you or someone next to you,” says the 9to5 Google Report. It analyzes the level of noise and try to find sounds that are “snore specific.” When Fitbit detects a noise event louder than the base level, it tries to decide whether or not it picks up snoring.

The snore tracker cannot, however, tell who snores and whether the wearer of the Fitbit or somebody else is snoring. The release notes suggest that users do not play white noise or other ambient sounds in the bedroom that may interfere with snore. It says that the user should charge at least 40% of their Fitbit before going to bed as “this feature requires more charge.”

The release notes, as reported by the Verge, do not show what users should do with snoring information, but because the snoring conditions can seriously interfere with sleeping, snoring may be a useful metric to know.

At present, not all users have access to “Snore & Noise Detect’.’