That viral photo of ‘RoundMeal’ is completely fake beef and macaroni

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Image: Twitter/Alan Wagner – Have you seen this picture of the “Roundmeal,” “protein-blasted” product and of the beef? Over the last 24 hours the image has rounded out on Twitter and Reddit with people who express both their disgust and pleasure in this strange food. But you will be sad (or soothing) to know it’s completely fake..

The product, made by the fake Henton company, contains helpful instructions on how to do it, as can be seen in the picture above. Step 1: in a bag boil. Step 2: Open and have a great time. The product ‘serves three men’ and you’ll notice the round meal is 140 calories if you look closely to the bottom. It’s dietary food, basically.

Even a promotion says that customers can receive a Davis visit. Who is Davis? Who is Davis? That section is not clear, but his bubble of speech says “I’m going to come to you.” How can the odd food product be found? This does not. It does not.

The picture was created by Alan Wagner, a Los Angeles video artist tweeting under the name @truewagner. Wagner had previously made many other fake things, including “Child with a small telescope” and “Obama’s Big Back.”

You know, however, what is real? This video of a woman who creates something very similar to a meal. It begins with the macaroni and cheese ball, squees a gigantic tube of raw beef on the counter; smashes a pile of Velveeta’s like a play-doh and creates a video that captures one of the most disgusting things. She adds pastry dough and everything in the oven to the Franken-beef.