How to maintain a private and secure Venmo account

by - – Venmo is practical, but if the app is not properly configured, it has privacy risks. It lets users make publicly available transactions, not only does Venmo connect automatically to Facebook and phone contacts.

This activity even appears on the main screen on a global Venmo feed. The main problem is that everyone should search for and view your Venmo profile, because Venmo thinks we need a chronological feed from random strangers sending money. If anyone looks up, they’re going to see all of your friends and your past history of public transactions. Biden is not even immune.

With the publicity of your information you are easily targeting scammers, theftists and others, but by setting up the Venmo’s strongest confidentiality, you can easily prevent unwanted attention.

  • Open the app and tap an icon in the top right of the three-line menu.
  • Choose Settings > Privacy and set “Privacy” to your default confidential setting. This confers privacy on all future transactions between you and the other person unless you manually change the setting during the trade.
  • Then tap “Past Transactions” and choose “Change All to Private.” It is better that the “change to friends” option is public, but changing it to private is the safest way.
  • Go to settings > friends & social settings next.
  • Deactivate any self-friendly choices that you don’t want to use. Your Facebook account connection can be disabled as well.

How to change your Venmo profile data

You can change your profile information – like name, account username, email address and e-mail contact information – under settings > Edit profile, if you really want to go anonymous. Under Settings > Change Phone Number, you can also update your phone number. Please note that these changes make it difficult for friends and families to find you as well.

How to protect data on your device and login

These changes will make your profile and transactions history more private, however if someone knows your login information, it won’t stop someone from using the app. Fortunately, there are several security options available in the Venmo Settings menu to make your account safer. The best way to use the settings > PIN code and biometrical disable is to generate a PIN Code to Venmo transactions and other actions. Biometric checks for PayPal transaction in this menu can also be configured.

You can check the list of other devices in your Venmo profile, and sign off from unwanted places under Settings > Recorded devices if someone else uses your account. In Settings > Password Change, you should also change your password.

These settings help to keep your Venmo account more secure, but also the ironicest, completely anonymous accounts can be intercepted by hackers who spy on public networks. Do not make public wireless transactions because they are usually unsecured and easily used. A mobile VPN can help, but you must also be very careful.