President Neuralink announces Elon Musk’s left brain interface company

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Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images) – Neuralink’s president, Max Hodak, said that he left the company some weeks ago to link human brains to computers co-founded by Tesla and CEO Elon Musk of SpaceX. There was no reason why Hodak was leaving.

Hodak stated on Twitter on April 4, adding a shrugging man emoji: “Would not be genetically authentic dinosaur but.” “Perhaps 15 years of breeding + engineering to be awarded super exotic new species.”

As a child, I say no thank you as someone who used to have dinosaur nightmares in Jurassic Park.

Launched in 2017, Neuralink intends, for connecting human brain with computers, to use ultra-high brain bands or implantable chips. Musk has identified a range of applications for the product, from allowing a smartphone to use a paralyzed individual to allow paraplegics to walk again. It can also help people to achieve an artificial intelligence “symbiosis,” which would allow us to be at the same level as our modern technology according to Musk. Neuralink.

In April, Neuralink made news that it managed to get a monkey called Pager to play Pong with his mind in a video game and released a video showing it apparently. Around six weeks before recording a video, researchers had implanted neuralink on either side of the 9-year-old macaque monkey’s brain.

Prior to learning how to play Pong, Pager was taught to use a joystick and to pay him a smoothie for bananas by moving a cursor into a smooth block on screen. This practice allowed his cortex devices, which coordinate hand and arm movements, to record their activity via the more than 2,000 implanted electrodes in the cortex regions.

The data were then fed into a decoder Neuralink algorithm to predict the intended movements of the monkey’s hand. The decoder understood the neural pattern of Pagers, after some minutes of calibration, enough that the monkey did not need the joystick for the cursor to move to the block. The video narrator said Pager could move it with his mind. The so-called MingPong demonstration followed.