Google Pixel 5a 5G release date, rumors, characteristics and specifications

by - – Google may have only announced Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 in October 2020, but the next smartphone, which Google has confirmed to be referred to as Pixel 5a 5G, is rumored already. Here is all we’ve heard so far, expected to be a mid-range offering of the pixel 5 but we still expect a lot more to learn.

Date and price of publication

  • Possibly 11 June 2021
  • US and Japan only

Only in August 2020 was the Google Pixel 4a revealed, so it wasn’t too long. Earlier rumors suggested that Pixel 5a would be released on 11 June 2021 and a few suggestions were also made for the Pixel 5a to appear on Google I/O May 2021, which will only be an online event.

Because of the global pandemic that was first expected to unfold the Pixel4a, Google I/O was canceled in 2020.

Google said the Pixel 5a 5G “would be available in the US and Japan later this year, and announced when the a-series telephone was launched last year.” That is August 2020, although Google could mean the Pixel 4a 5G revealed in October 2020. May and June 2021 could therefore be a bit early for Pixel 5a 5G.

However, the price is a bit easier to forecast. The Pixel 4a 5G in Great Britain costs £499 and US$499. We would expect the Pixel 5a 5G to settle around the same ballpark, but only in the US and Japan will it look like.


  • Polycarbonate
  • Rear fingerprint sensor, punch hole front camera
  • Just Black

On the basis of the first leaks it would appear that Google’s 5a 5G pixel could take a very similar pattern to the 4a 5G pixels and 5. It’s intended to offer a poly-carbonate body in the left top corner with a square camera box similar to the Pixel 4a 5G. The aluminum body of pixel 5 is brushed, but is matte.

A physical fingerprint sensor, like the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G, is expected to be positioned on the back and a punch hole camera, like the Pixel4a and the 5G, will be in the top right corner of the display.

The 3.5mm headphone jack and stereo speakers are also included in the design. Color options have not yet been detailed but have leaked in black, so in the option Just Black, we expect Pixel 5a, both Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G.

Measuring shall be 156.2 x 73.2 x 8.8mm Measuring (9.4mm with the rear camera bump). The Pixel 5a 5G, although a little bigger, narrower and thicker, would have similar size to the Pixel 4a 5G. There is no word about waterproofing, but we suspect that the pixel 5 will continue to be reserved.


  • 6.2-inch, Full HD+
  • OLED

Early reports say that a 6.2-inch Full HD+ display, similar to a Pixel 4a 5g, will appear in the Google Pixel 5a 5G. It should have 2340 x 1080 pixels in resolution and a 413ppi pixels in density.

It is said to be an OLED panel, but up to now, no word about refresh rate for the 5a 5G is available. The 4a and 4a 5G pixels both provide a normal refresher rate of 60Hz, while the 5 has a refreshing rate of 90Hz.

HDR support should be available however because the Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and Pixel 5 are something that is offered.


  • Dual rear camera
  • Likely same as Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5a 5G is based on early rumours, and includes a double rear camera and an added sensor in the carriage. Camera specifications have not yet been disclosed, but Google normally offers the same camera as the more premium device in the “a” device.

If that continues, the 5a 5G pixel will have the same camera as the 5, which is also the same as the 4a 5G pixel. The Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are equipped with a 12.2 MP2 sensor with 1.4μm and an open f/1.7 and an ultra wide 16 MP with an open f/2.2. Their front camera has an f/2.0 aperture of 8 megapixels.

We would expect this on pixel 5a 5G with the same features like Night Sight, and the great video stabilization features. Google has revealed in a separate blog post about the HDR+ bracketing feature an image claimed to have been taken from the Pixel 5a, but has since been removed.

Hardware and specs

  • At least 6GB RAM likely
  • At least 128GB storage likely
  • Processor unknown

This is an area not very popular yet so currently it’s not clear what the Google Pixel 5a 5G could be playing under her hood.

The 5 and 4a 5g pixels run on the Snapdragon 765G Qualcomm respectively. The next gene of that chipset is the Snapdragon Qualcomm 780G, which we might see in the Pixel 5a 5G, revealed in March 2021. But it’s still unknown, and the global lack of chips is apparent, so the Pixel 5a 5G is reported to be limited when it is released.

At least 6GB of RAM would be expected, like the offer Pixel 4a 5G and 4a, and at least 128GB of storage would be expected to occur. Battery power wasn’t yet reported, but Pixel 4a 5G has a cell of 3800mAh, so that Pixel 5a is likely to offer something.

It was not yet detailed in the leaks whether the pixel 5a is connected to 5G or not. If that is so, basically it would have the same meaning as the Pixel 4a 5G.

Rumors of Google Pixel 5a: What’s the matter?
Here’s all we’ve heard of Google Pixel 5a so far.

August 29, 2021: One of the “important products” announced during I/O pixel 5a could be
Although evidence indicates that the Google Pixel 5a 5G still could be displayed in Google I/O in May, Tomsguide argues. The boss of Google, Sundar Pichai, said in its income report, “significant product updates and announcements will be made available for the online event.” That led the website to think that one of them would be Pixel 5a.

April 26, 2021: Google’s Pixel 5a image sample
Google apparently revealed a picture in a blog post from the unannounced 5a 5G camera, which shows how well it can be when it is launched at the event.

On the same occasion as the Pixel 5 code in the latest Android Developer Preview, pixel 5a to feature the Snapdragon 765 processor, the Pixel 5a is set to run on the Qualcomm Snapdrago 765 chipset as Pixel 5.

August 9, 2021: Google No, the Pixel 5a 5G has not been removed, this year it will come later
After reports of the cancelation of the Pixel 5a, Google released a statement saying: “No cancelation of pixel 5a 5G. It will be available in the USA and Japan later this year and will be published as the telephone line was launched last year.”

9 April 2021: in some regions, Google cancelled pixel 5a
Android Central reported the global chip shortage of Google Pixel 5a 5G. It originally argued that the device was canceled before the report was updated, stating that its release would be limited to the United States and Japan. The report was canceled.

10 March 2021: Google Pixel 5a might come 11 June.
Jon Prosser claimed his source told Google on 11 June that he was going to disclose the pixel 5a. He also said that new Pixel Buds are coming in the middle of April.

The next generation subship phones could be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 775.
The Snapdragon 775 – the successor of the Snapdragon 765G that is found in mamny subflagship devices – is reported by XDA to be a leak.

February 23, 2021: Pixels 5a in Google returns and data shown in the leakage
Famous leaker, Steve Hemmerstoffer – also called @OnLeaks – shared some of the 5a pixel returns, together with the specifications that it claims to offer.

7 August 2020: The leaked Pixel 5a document
The Google Pixel 5a exists as a leaked internal Android document.