How can you unlock Apple Watch’s iPhone when you wear a mask?

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How can you unlock Apple Watch's iPhone when you wear a mask? – Apple released a new iPhone feature, allowing you to unlock your phone even if you wear a mask on your face. The catch is that to make it work, you must have an Apple Watch.

The new feature is now available for téléchargement on iOS 14.5.

We have experimented with the pre-start feature, so here’s our guide on how everything works. You will still unlock your mask most of the time, but it is useful when you have your mask on it and when we have masked in a shop, we can successfully access our phone.

What is the issue solving this update?
We currently have to wear face masks and the problem is that face recognition does not work. The new iPhones (iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 12) have this particular problem and rely on Face ID.

Naturally, the Touch ID iPhones are still being unloaded as they always did, and it was rumored that Apple would reintroduce Touch ID in some ways to more iPhones to address this problem. This update should nevertheless see these rumors.

Now an alternative similarity on your iPhone can be recorded and some Pocket-lint users reported that they could get their phones to recognize it even using a mask. But this is not so easy and Apple had a workaround to come up with.

This process uses the same Apple Watch as the watch is able to open a Mac (System Preferences > Security & Privacy in macOS if you want to set it up).

How can Apple Watch Face ID unlock?
Face ID functions just like the new software you would expect. This is similar to the use of the Apple Watch to unlock your available Mac for a while.

Your watch will have to be near your iPhone. However, you will not automatically turn on this option – you will need to set it on your iPhone in Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

There will be a toggle to activate the feature under Unlock with Apple Watch. Of course, you have to paire the Apple Watch with your iPhone to make it work.

You will also need the watchOS 7.4 update installed on your Apple Watch – it will be available for you once you have iOS 14.5 installed on your iPhone in the Apple Watch app. It won’t automatically install just because you have iOS 14.5 on your iPhone installed.

The toggle will be grayed off with Settings>Face ID & Passcode if you have iOS 14.5 installed, but do not watch OS 7.4 as you can see here:

Once this feature has been set up, it comes under a set of circumstances.

  • Face ID detects a mask or a part of the face, not a complete face.
  • Your Apple Watch is on your bracelet and unlocked (so you have the passcode inserted).
  • If you do not already have an Apple Watch detection function, you must have the passcode enabled in your watch. This can be deactivated by default, however.

Apple Watch will give you a few Haptic feedback after you unlock your phone to inform you that your iPhone is unlocked, and that will also be displayed on screen.

In the unlikely event it is accidental it has unlocked, there is a button you can tap to relock your phone.

This process works with Apple Pay too – so that when you stand on the counter it is not necessary to remove your mask. You will still have to enter your passcode in App Store, iTunes Store and Safari autofill and purchases.

However, we recently found in later beta developers that Apple Pay asks for our passcode almost always. We do not know if this is the case in the final version, but the easy solution is simply to pay with your Apple Watch.

The new feature is a part of a series of additional enhancement features of an iOS 14.5/iPadOS 14.5 that include update to Siri, support to the latest Xbox, and PlayStation game controls. Also supported is 5G global dual SIM.

The Weather app in the UK, previously made available in the United States, is also one minute by minute forecast. This is the integration of part that Apple purchased last year in the Dark Sky app.

In addition, the handwriting recognition and Scribble support for Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish are improved in the iPadOS 14.5 versions.