Canada Internet Outage Gnawing Cables Blamed Beavers

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Canada Internet Outage Gnawing Cables Blamed Beavers – The Candian broadcasting company reported on Sunday, Rascally beavers took down internet service for about 900 clients in a remote Canadian community. According to a statement from the region’s provider, Telus, the breakdown that was now resolved affected 60 cable television customers and disrupted local mobile service.

In what Telus described as a “unique Canadian disruption,” Tumbler Ridge, a small city of north-east Britain with a population of around 2,000, was for around 36 hours lost service!

The Telus spokesman, Liz Sauvé, told Gizmodo “Beavers chewed across our fiber cable at many points, causing extensive damage. “Our team has located a nearby lake and the beavers, buried about three feet underground, seemed to have buried themselves along the creek and were protected from a 4.5-inch thick conduit. Before chewing through the cord in various places, the beavers first chewed the pipe.”

Service restored just before 6:30 p.m. ET Sunday after departure early Saturday morning, Sauvé confirmed. It said that the crews “worked around the clock,” in its statement, to solve the problem and determine the extent of the damage to the cable. Telus introduced extra equipment and technicians to address “extreme conditions” because this year’s cable terrain is partially frozen.

The beasts have apparently been scouting for home building materials. A photograph taken from the site shows that, as part of their dam, they used fiber markers, which usually buried several feet under the ground, reports CBC.

Telus said it was “extremely sorry for the break,” but in such a bizarre situation it also seemed to recognize the humour. With CBC in mind, Sauvé described the fiasco as “a very unusual and unique Canadian turn of events.”