Best accessories for Apple AirTag 2021: match your tracker to smart extra

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Best accessories for Apple AirTag 2021 – Apple took the time to unveil its AirTag tracker, but finally the system is there, offering a real alternative to the tracking that Tile has offered in the last few years.

It’s a simple little puck, but if you buy an air tag yourself, you might find it a little difficult to attach to it. This is where the range of optional accessories comes in, and some great items are available. Right here we have gathered the best available AirTag accessories.

Key Ring Belkin Secure Holder
First of all we turn away from the many internal efforts of Apple to emphasize this from Belkin – an affordable, robust way to make your AirTag a keyring.

We believe, although this is a little generic, that this is better for most than Apple’s more expensive alternatives.

Best accessories for Apple AirTag 2021

Leather Key Ring AirTag
We turn to Apple’s own roster next, however. This beautiful leather keyring is a little more elegant and can be found in a range of nice colours.

It’s robust and a bit bigger than Belkin and should be perfect for a trendier baggage addition.

Loop of AirTag
If you want a similar design for a loop but you don’t have to worry about leather, Apple is a great option.

It is made from waterproof polyurethane which makes it more weatherproof and more affordable and adventurous.

Leather Loop for AirTag
Apple completes all of the options above, and this time in leather gives us its loop design – so you can really do it whatever you want.

It is still beautiful, clean and elegant and makes it an excellent choice.

Key Ring AirTag Hermes
Apple has once again teamed up with Hermès in the extreme end of the pricing scale to produce customized AirTag holders.

There are some designs, but we think the simplest is the strongest – it’s lovely to look at this Barénia keyring. The cost, however, is eye-watering, so we don’t imagine many people will do this.

Secure Belkin Strap Holder
Finally, we are back to Belkin, which has a different version of its Secure Holder with a strap – a little help to make it easier to fix a wide variety of items.

We really believe that these owners are the cheapest chioces right now.