Amazon offers 10 free ebooks to mark the World Book Day in India

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World Book Day 2021: The ten ebooks can be downloaded from the Amazon microsite – In India, Amazon will be offering the World Book Day on 23 April with ten Kindle ebooks free. The books are in English available in India to Amazon users and can be downloaded without any extra cost on their devices. You can read free ebooks on your smartphones or Kindle app on a Kindle and Amazon Fire tablet. The offer ends at 12:29 (IST) on April 25, 2014.

All customers who have made ‘India’ their country of use in their account settings are eligible to take advantage of this offer using a microsite created by Amazon. You can download the ten ebooks from the micro site, however, Amazon says that the offer is not transferable and cannot be resold. Books from different parts of the world have been selected.

The list is broken by Enjeela Ahmadi-The Miller’s Son and Heir: The Broken Circle: A Memoir of Escape from Afghanistan: The Alexander Munninghoff Memoir, Maria Wernicke’s Some Days Kindle Edition, and Zhang Ling’s A Single Swallow. Some of these books have been translated.

Amazon recently also announced a new Kindle and Audible platform feature. Amazon Kindle users can set the book cover for the lockscreen wallpaper they are currently reading. Kindle (Gen 8, 10th), Kindle Paperwhite (Gen 7th, 10th), Kindle Oasis (Gen 8th, 9th, 10th) and Kindle Voyage are available (7th Gen). On the e-commerce site, users can easily check whether their Kindle device is eligible. In the Settings of eligible devices, you can find the new Show Cover option. Users also can pay $20 to remove lockscreen ads, approximately Rs. 1500.