This new app enables you to turn all into an NFT

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A digital display device featuring Beeple’s artwork that was sold via Christie’s auction house.
Photo: mundissima (Shutterstock)– Although most Americans still do not know the NFT, the Non-Fungible have taken over the country — bursting into our wallets and apparently also our hearts.

The confusion in America probably comes from the fact that NFTs can be almost anything. As a technical process involving a digital file that is minted in the blockchain and transformed into a cryptoasset, a lot of things can be described — as long as that process is carried out. So while high-falutine content such as post-modern walls and digital art videos has been included in the list of non-fungibles, pictures of toilet paper, Gucci Mane sneakers and something called a Pringles CryptoCrisp were also included.

Now, if you’ve got an iPhone, you can virtually turn anything into a single digital token. A new app allows you to transform “every idea” into an NFT by its own admission. S!NG is the only free iOS application designed to create as many NFTs as you want. Where you had to pay a crypto-exchange before, S!NG does all the minting for you free of charge.

The company was founded by ex-Apple managing director Geoff Osler, but it also has a point-to-click feature that makes its product truly easy to use. It’s so simple, basically, to make a picture or record on your phone to create them. Files can also be downloaded. A company spokesman has set it this way:
Anybody can create NFT free of gas by S!NG. Image, bite of sound, etc. file. Download or point and shoot; the file will, after it has been loaded, be marked as a time on the Ethereum blockchain.

This ‘gas-free’ part is important because it refers to charges for the use of NFTs. On most NFT exchange platforms, users pay a “Gas” fee that covers the cost of creating the crypto asset actually. These can be pretty costly, so S!NG can let you go. It’s a good thing.

It is marketed to artists and musicians, as the name of the app could suggest. A video on the website of the company states that S!NG wants to use NFTs in order to protect designers from intellectual property theft – an interested idea. The thought here would appear to be to prevent you from getting the lyrics or digital recording replicated and legally revoked, because the non-fungibles designate specific property over a single digital asset. The website therefore says S!NG is “the easiest way to stamp an idea, label it as yours, convert to an NFT and store it in a centralized portfolio” and adds, in addition, that the app is a space where ideas can be shared “confidently and without hesitation and without the need for legal advice.” In other words, it’s like that ancient trick to send a certified letter in a copyright or song lyrics.

While all these sounds quite good, the flip side is that it almost turns into a notepad application that makes S!NG sound like an NFT. If you take account of the ecological impact NFTs are supposed to have on the globe, it might not be good to make every thought you make unfungible? Then again, it seems that people are working on this problem so perhaps we can assume that it will be a short-lived question.

If I keep everything apart, it’s quite wild, anyhow you slice the application has made NFT-creation so accessible. In March, the startup has only just finished its second round of private funding, and seems on its way to becoming a highly used product. The app designers have shown that accessibility is what they offer here, and that it is good to offer when you deal with a phenomenon that is not fully understood.

“The cryptography requires neither a learning curve nor background to use our platform,” the company spokesman said. “You can create an NFT if you can take a picture.”