Honor 50 leaks ahead of possible May with a dual-ring camera

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techno.rentetan.com – The Honor V40, which was launched in China approximately four months ago, may not be the case although you think that a global Honor V40 model would follow. The company planned to skip the Honor 40 and go straight to the Honor 50 series, according to a new report.

Recently, GSMArena reported that the Honor 50 will be unveiled in May, quoting “some exclusive insider information.” It even shared a teaser phone image that isn’t yet official. This display shows design elements such as the two-circle camera system which is very reminiscent of the Huawei P50.

GSMArena also shared the smartphone’s so-called design drawings. The “thing to the right” seemed to be a snap-on filter or lens that can be attached through magnets to the circle of the camera. Unfortunately, the report did not give further details or details on camera hardware.

It is also unclear if Google Mobile Services feature the phone, despite the breakdown with Huawei. Of course, at this point, there are many unknowns, but if the phone is announced next month, we suspect that there will be more leakages shortly. If not, we will surely know either way more soon.