New upcycling program from Samsung allows you to convert an old Galaxy phone to a new IoT device

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Gif: Samsung – Normally you recycle or trade a phone for another when a phone is worn down. However, Samsung tries to help people convert old Galaxy phones into new IoT devices with its new upcycling programme.

Today, with the expansion of their Galaxy Upcycling at home service, the U.S., UK and South Korea users will be able to access an experimental functionality in the SmartThings app designed to provide a new life as a useful smart-home accessory for an old Galaxy device.

By reconstructing device battery usage and optimization with the app, Samsung says even older devices can still provide good life, while the usual wireless phone connectivity range makes it easy to combine the phone with other devices in your home.

Gif: Samsung

Samsung offers a range of functions in the SmartThings app, including a light sensor that can switch on your clever lamps or even your TV when it becomes dark. Alternatively, a Galaxy old phone can also be converted to a sound sensor using AI for the detection of common household noises such as a barking dog, a weeping baby, or knocking at the door.

You can also repurpose an old Samsungen phone as a kind of baby monitor that can save you money in comparison to straight-up trading and using whatever money you can buy a brand new baby monitor, depending on how older the phone really is.

And of course, upcycled Samsung phones can also be used as universal remote devices, even without much fiddling, providing an easy way to control the video stream, play music on your smart speakers, control your lights and more.

Gif: Samsung

Samsung says the goal behind their upcycling program is to provide users with a different way to expand the life of their existing gadgets, and thus help reduce the environmental impacts of Samsung’s gadgets. After all, a reusable or upcycled device may be another gadget in a landfill.

The biggest hurdle, therefore, is that it usually takes a little bit of tinkering and tolerance to replace an old smartphone with DIY solutions, which may require more effort than most people want to do. Before you think you need to purchase additional handsets or holders, so that your new IoT device can be positioned correctly.