Can be found using Android and iOS NFC-enabled phones Apple AirTags trackers

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Apple AirTags that are lost can lead the person who finds it to a URL with a message from its owner – The NFC-enabled Android and iOS devices of the Apple AirTags tracking devices in Lost Mode have their recent release of the support page. The Spring Loaded event of Apple on Tuesday 20 April started with AirTags. These trackers are often attached to missplaced items, such as keys and wallets, and can be found on iOS devices by using the Find My app. The trackers are equipped with an U1 Apple chip which gives you instructions for your precise location with the latest iPhone 12 models. In India, AirTags price for one unit starts at Rs. 3,190 and for one four-pack Rs. 10,900. Pre-reservations open on 23 April and sales start on 30 April.

The Cupertino-based tech giant says that NFC-enabled devices, including iOS and even Android, can read AirTags, based on a support page on the Apple website. A person looking for a lost AirTag can bring their NFC-enabled device next to their tracker to learn more about their owner. Apple says AirTags will offer finders a URL which can provide the owner with a customized message if it is marked as lost.

“Tap and hold up your AirTag’s white side of your iPhone or NFC-capable smartphone. Tap the appearing notification. This opens an AirTag website, including their serial number,” the support page for Apple reads. “If the owner identifies it as lost, you may see a message containing information on how to contact the owner. On any smartphone with NFC capabilities, such as an iPhone or Android phone, you can view the message for lost mode.”

In the Bluetooth range, AirTags use audible speakers with their built-in speakers to help locate the items they are attached to. They also have Siri support and a requested 12-month battery life. Also certified for dust and water resistance is Apple AirTags IP67.

Users only need to close up their iOS devices to connect Apple AirTags. You can locate the trackers with the Find My application. The app shows both the latest and the latest AirTags location. Apple says the Find My app communications are encrypted end-to-end. Apple also discourages AirTags from using safeguards to track users, for example if a new unknown AirTag moves with them over time.