Has demonetized James Charles’ YouTube Canal Amid Allegations Having Sexed With Minors

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Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Staff (Getty Images)

As of Monday evening, YouTube stopped advertisements on James Charles’ channel of the frenetic drama magnet, which disabled the creator of content from earning money on the platform on the allegations he sexed with minors.

After a review of the YouTube “creator liability policy,” the platform told Business Insider, the decision to temporarily remove Charles from its partner program comes. According to this Policy, “We can take action to protect the community when we see that creator’s behavior on and/or off platform harms our users, communities, employees and the ecosystems.” YouTube reserves the right to act against creators who cause “malicious” or “real world harm” to others, whether through abuse, violence or fraud.

Charles’ channel now has 25,5 million subscribers – one of the platform’s most popular.

Though the alleged improper use of Charles’s minorities has been rumorous over the years, in recent weeks more than 15 men and boys have been accused of inappropriate behavior by the guru of beauty since at least 2019. Charles confirmed his “confrontation” with boys under age 18 in a video of April 1, entitled “Accountability of Me,” and said that at least two of his accusers had lie or intentionally dissimulated their true ages. He continues to call his behavior «unconscious» and excuses his followers not to grasp the power dynamics of a huge platform adequately.

“It has become so big for me to have a public platforma that it felt ‘normal’ at this point in my life,” Charles said. “I must understand that it is unusual and will never be normal for 99.9 percent of people — and that’s where I haven’t understood the power imbalance.”

While YouTube has refused to confirm how long Charles’ suspension from the Partner Program will last, the announcement follows on from a recent similar decision by David Dobrik on charges of rape against his friend and frequent vlog worker Dominykas Zeglaitis, also referred to as Durte Dom. In 2020, YouTube also took the step of demonizing the channel of creator Shane Dawson from old content, which shows him on camera using the n-word and wearing blackface.

The decision of YouTube to suspend Charles from the Partner Program also comes on the heels of the Make-up Brand Morphe’s decision to end its sponsorship for beauty with the content creator, who claimed that the decision to stop the partnership was mutually exclusive.