Spinoff Just Cast the Main Player of the Thrones’ Game

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Centuries before these two caused problems, their ancestors were even more brutal.
Photo: HBO

You heard about the Kingslayer and are now about to meet the Kingmaker.

A Ice and Fire Song Author The actor Fabien Frankell was cast on HBO’s next Thrones Prequel, House of The Dragon, by George R.R. Martin in his Not A Blog today. “He’s the Lord of Blackhaven’s common-born son of the steward. He doesn’t have any claim to lands or titles, his honour, his lance and sword skills is all he has,” wrote Martin. “Excited by the common, he’s a challenger, a champion, a loved ladies. He’s a lover (or is he?), a seducer (or is he?), a traitor (or is he?), a heartbreaker and a royalist.”

Well, all this probably doesn’t mean much to you unless you’re a hardcore Thrones Fan. However, it is important and why. This is important. About 200 years before the Game of Thrones events, Ser Criston Cole was a member of the Visery Targaryen king’s guard and fifth Targaryen to take the seat. (Paddy Considine is going to be played on the show.) After Viserys died, Cole convinced the son of Viserys, Aegon II, that, in spite of Aegon’s elder sister, Rhaenyra (who will be played on the concert by Emma D’Arcy), he should take his throne and have been championed by her dad to do so. This led to the violent and crucial civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons.

For the Targaryens, this was basically the start of the end, and will be a great part of this new show. Since he proposed the whole ball, history called Cole “Criston the Kingmaker.” You will be able to read further about the loss of control over the Iron Throne here by the Targaryens.

Frankel himself did not have Criston Cole’s career, but this show could only make the trick. He is most probably known up until now for playing a son of Dennis Franz’s Blue NYPD character in a television film and playing opposite the actress named… That is, yes, Frankel had previously interacted with a Targaryen.

Dragon’s house is expected next year to reach HBO.