Reportedly Venmo was used to pay more than 150 men and women in Matt Gaetz’s Lackey

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hoto: Samuel Corum / Stringer (Getty Images)

In the alleged sex ring the details of Matt Gaetz’s role are becoming more sicker every day and today is no exception, a day that ends with “Y”: New papers released by Daily Beast show that Gaetz’s wingman, Joel Greenberg, used Venmo as his app for paying more than 150 young women, and a girl at the time who was at least 17 years old, in at least one case.

The new document trove reveals a pattern in which Greenberg, the apparent ringleader of the cabal, is sending dozens of Venmo payments to young women one after another, usually in the memorandum with something gross like “school.” A year later, the 2018 Gaetz sent a Venmo application to “Hit up ,” using a nickname for that young girl who had been eighteen by the day. in June 2016, Greenberg reportedly sent the $300 payment for “Food” to a girl then-17.

According to the Daily Beast, the payments usually were around $500, but sometimes amounted to over $1,000. On November 1, 2018, Gaetz sent Greenberg $300 in the previously unreported transaction, with the less than a subtle emoji of the newly obtaining documents.

The Department of Justice is currently investigating Greenberg — who is not overrated when $90,000 has been reportedly blowed in taxpayers’ money in an encrypted mining rig that summarily caught up in fuel and burnt its office down — for a range of 33 offenses that include sex trafficking, conspiracy to rub a public officer and stalk. Recently, Gaetz has worked in full with federal investigators, who should have been sweating through his clown make—for over more than a year now, who currently are being investigated on separate charges related to paying women for sex, sleeping with a minor and transporting her across state lines.