Where is the forward button in the Chrome browser of Android?

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Sometimes I take a few rather intense questions on Lifehacker’s Tech 911 Q&A weekly column—for that’s sure, why are there kinds of stuff on my device. Real stuff monumental. This week, I can make the sound a little bit lighter by helping an Android reader anger, which you may have wondered about from occasion to time.

Writing from Lifehacker Loretta:

Thanks for the great Tech 911 tips! Here’s my question …. Why can I go BACK on my Android smartphone, but I haven’t gone to a site from where I’ll go. I must retype the entire thing again instead.

Oh, Chrome. Oh, Chrome. For whatever reason Google decided that it was a far more important use of space than consecrating pixels to its companion, the mighty “forward” button, to place the dedicated “back” Button in an obvious position within Android’ s interface. (In Android, at least.)

I can’t blame you, frankly. I saw webpages throughout the day, but I usually get far more back than ever before. After all, you can always “go ahead” again by clicking on or tapping on the link previously hit when you return to the breadcrumb path in your web session. Then you go back to the place that you just saw. Though, admittedly, you have to hunt around to find the links you have to go to wherever it was if using a “back” button, swipe or shortcut takes you back to the beginning of a web page.

However, this clearly irritates you, so I have a couple of solutions. First of all, here’s the forward button in the Chrome Android app. Just tap the icon in the upper-right corner of the browser with three points of view. You can’t miss the forward-looking arrow.

But I’m going to do you one better. Enter chrome:/flags in the address bar of your browser and search for the word “history.” Search the “Surpass history navigation” option in the results.

Turn it on, restart your browser, and you should now be able to move back and forth from the far right and left corners of the Chrome browser window. I think it’s going to be even faster for you than taping on a button (or a set of buttons), but I want Chrome to be easier for people to drop a forward arrow in the lower-right corner of the browser.